3 Astounding Tips on Using Flag Banners

Flag banners are among the most commonly used trade show displays in Australia. They are so popular because they are easy to buy, easy to maintain and offer great advertising value. There are many ways you can use this type of banners to promote your business in trade shows. Some are more effective than others and you will find many successful event managers using them in specific ways. Here are some effective ways in which you can make the most of your flag banners:

3 Tips for UsingĀ  Banners in the Best Way

  1. Use Flag Banners in a Set Sequence

This is the most common and popular way to use flag banners. About 4 or 5 banners are lined up in a row and followed by a larger display at a few paces. This makes for the ideal product pitch in trade shows and gives advertisers the chance to showcase them in a great way. Using set sequences is a good choice since it lets you impress passer-bys with unique selling points with each individual banner. Make sure your images are clear and legible to get the best advertising effect.

  1. Arrange Flag Banners in a Simple Shape

Flag banners can be arranged in simple shapes like triangles, squares, circles etc. This placement allows them to make a great mental impression. However, doing this can be tricky as well since all the flag banners must be visible. If you are using banner stands or pull-up banners, then they may cover your flag banners. So, make sure you have clear sights on the flag banners once they are in formation.

  1. Use Flag Banners in Tandem with Other Displays

Combining with other trade show display items like banner stands and teardrop flags can work very well for you. Of course, you will need to place them in the right way and ensure they are being used correctly. Usually, this is a specialized setup where the flag banners and related materials have been specially designed to complement each other.

How to get attention grabbing flag banners for your trade show display?

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