3 Important Exhibition Stands to Make Your Expo Event a Success

exhibition stands

Banner stands are an important part of display advertising for any business. During expos and show events, they become even more important. With the right display advertising tools, you can really make a good impression on visitors. If you are planning to enter an expo, here are some of the key display advertising tools you should have in your arsenal.


3 Essential Exhibition Stands You Need For A Successful Event


Flag Banners

Flag banners are among the most popular display advertising tools in the market. You can find them in use in exhibitions as well as daily retail. Flag banners are popular because they are cheap, attractive and can last a long time. Mostly they are used in groups of three or more. They are usually placed at a distance from the actual shop or stall. You can use these to draw visitor attention and move them up to other advertisement materials like pull-up banners.


Pull-up Banners

Pull-up banners are all about versatility. They can be hung from walls or simply from a hook on a stall. This makes them good for both regular retail as well as special exhibition events. You can use pull-up banners in combination with other display verticals. This greatly enhances their appeal and makes them all the more impressive. Further, pull-up banner also come at a relatively lower cost. This means you can buy many of these without spending too much.


Retail Display Stands

If you are selling smaller consumer items, then retail display stands are your best bet. They allow for displaying multiple items which can be hung by hooks. This makes retail display stands ideal for all kinds of smaller electronic items, jewelry etc.

You can also modify or amplify the visual appeal of these stands by accentuating them with designs. Make sure your designs are consistent with the products you are selling and the background provides a nice display contrast.


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