3 Innovative Display Advertising Strategies Using Exhibition Stands

Display advertising is both art and science. Getting the right combinations of advertising tools, such as teardrop flags and rollup banners is important for success. Not every display advertiser is going to have the skill required to make an impressive display. If you are new to this field, then getting the right combination is crucial. Here are some all-time favourite display advertising combinations you can try:

3 Great Display Advertising Combinations for Your Upcoming Expo Event
  1. Teardrop Flags, Rollup Banners and Exhibition Stands

This is a very simple yet very effective combination. It works incredibly well for all kinds of standard expos. The teardrop flags are placed at some distance in a line. They may have varied messages on them for enhanced overall impact. After that, the rollup banners are placed near the stall entry. Further in, the visitors will see the exhibition stands with the products on them.

  1. Flag Banners, Pull up Banners and Retail Display Stands

Flag banners have been a staple part of display advertising for a long time. They can be really handy in setting up the image of an advertisement. They are essentially like teasers before the actual big reveal is done. For that, we use pull-up banners which then open up to retail display stands. This is a very effective approach and it works well for most advertising situations.

  1. Banner Stands, Trade Show Displays and Event Marquees

Banner stands work great with all kinds of display advertising activities. They are good for retail as well as special occasions. The ideal setup involves placing banner stands on different sections of the expo grounds. These should lead up to the trade show displays you are using in your stall. All of this can be covered with the event marquee. Ideally, the combination between the marquee and the trade show displays should make the products easily visible.

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