3 Quick Tips When Designing Pull Up Stands

pull-up banners trade show

One of the cost-effective and versatile marketing tools to get the attention of prospective customers is through the use of pull up stands. However, before you can start using such marketing materials careful planning on the design is important. So, if you are about to draft the design of a pull up stand for an upcoming marketing event here are 3 quick tips to follow.

Tip #1 – The layout of your design must be eye level

In most instances, onlookers read any display at eye level. If your goal is to grab anyone’s attention while reading the information printed on your pull up stands or retail display stands it should be easy to read from top to bottom without straining the eyes.

Tip #2 – Choose background colours wisely

Your choices on background colours for pull up stands should perfectly blend with your branding message as well as the logo. Think of a colour that will best represent your business or marketing campaign theme. Remember, your background colour should highlight well your text or images. When choosing a background colour go for vibrant colours like red or orange. As much as possible refrain from using white or yellow colour as background because the printed information may be difficult to read from a distance.

Tip #3 – Use only high-resolution images

The success of your pull up stands is also heavily dependent on your chosen images. Images that are of high resolution are highly recommended. You can ask the expertise of a professional graphic designer to help you come up with captivating images to go with your pull up stands or retail display stands.

Why pull up stands becoming popular?

Pull up stands are becoming popular because they can provide maximum visibility to onlookers including passersby. They are also easy to install and remove after use. Pull up stands are regarded as compact marketing materials due to their lightweight feature.

Who can use pull stands?

Any start-up business or company can use pull up stands alongside with their other marketing materials such as flag banners, display stands and pop-up booths. Among the industries that will benefit from custom made pull up stands are schools, clubs, hospitals, parties including community events.

Why choose pull up stands?

As mentioned pull up stands are popular marketing tools because they are portable, easy to assemble, won’t occupy too much space and reusable.

Where to order custom made pull up stands in Australia?

If you are situated in Australia and wish to outsource your pull up stands to a local provider, contact Swift Display Systems team and give them a chance to come up with eye-catching designs.

Image Source: Flickr / Australian Glass & Glazing Association AGGA