3 Secrets to Using Retail Display Stands

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Display advertising is one of the biggest avenues through which a business can generate sales. In fact, for offline businesses, display advertising is of paramount importance. It is considered in designing signage, banner, posters and all other sorts of commercial advertising including on-site event marquees, flag banners and retail display stands.

For novice entrepreneurs, getting the display advertising combination right can be quite a challenge. So, we spoke to some veteran advertisers and asked them how they achieve their success. If you are new to this arena, then the following might help you get your most successful exhibition performance to date!


How to Get Your Display Advertising Strategy Right with Event Marquees and Retail Display Stands


  1. Stylistic Combinations

When you are choosing your event marquee, you must consider your other display advertising tools along with it. This should also fit in with your overall business logo and colour branding preferences. The colour of a retail display stand should also be consistent with dominant market trends to capitalize on them effectively. This aspect is best handled by seasoned marketers who have knowledge of niche-specific trends and advertising aesthetics.

  1. The Build-up

Advertising presentation works by psychologically prompting the customers to gain interest in products. So, the idea is to place display advertising tools like flag banners and complement them with retail display stands by leading up to your event marquee. As we said earlier, this kind of event planning and management works best when all things are considered in tandem. So, you need to consider all the minor details like font styling, size, design, colour, placement, visibility etc. to gain maximum value.

  1. Price to Presence Ratio

Any event marquee, retail display stands and flag banners you employ must be based on a price to presence ratio. In other words, the size on your stall must be considered and all display advertising tools should be given adequate spacing for maximum effect. Even if you have a somewhat disadvantaged stall placement, you can work it to your advantage by using the right amount of flag banners to draw attention from attendees. The idea is to invest smart and get maximum value for money.


Where Can You Get the Best Event Marquees and Other Display Advertising Essentials?

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Image Source: Flickr / ThinkGeoEnergy