3 Tips to Get the Ideal Mix Exhibition Stands and Other Displays for the Next Expo!

exhibition stands

Having the right equipment to display your products is the key in any kind of exhibition or trade show event. From flag banners to pull up banners, there are many types of display advertising tools that are specifically designed for this purpose. However, not all of them are going to fit your requirements.


In fact, it all depends on how you want to showcase your products and what kind of a plot or booth you’ve rented at the Expo. So, here’s a little guide to finding the right mix to get the most attention for your business at the new Expo.


How to Find the Ideal Exhibition Stands Mix


  1. Location

It goes without saying that location is the first factor you need to consider. Depending on the location, you may be able to use a number of tools like event marquees overhead, flag banners and others.


  1. Size

The size of your reserved area will also impact what kind of tools you can use for. Example, larger spaces can have multiple banner stands on the outside and rollup banners on the inside. The internal space must also be populated with trade show stands.


  1. Product Type

Not all display advertising tools can be used for promoting all kinds of products. Mostly larger displays should be reserved for bigger products or those which need a lot of canvas space. Smaller items can be used for displaying product of a smaller size.


  1. Sponsors

Getting sponsors for an expo is a big part of having a good advertising strategy.  You need to give enough space on your advertising tools to get their name branding. Using pull up stands with enough space given to each sponsor name is a good way to make this happen.


  1. Theme

The final factor on our list is theme. These matter a lot because the thematic elements will ultimately determine how much design space you need on your prints. The design must also complement the products themselves and so, finding the right print company is also important.


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