3 Ways To Use Exhibition Stands For Effective Marketing

Roll up banner stands

The business of exhibiting has a lot to do with presenting products in the right way. To do this, there is an assortment of display advertising tools available to business owners and event organizers. We spoke to some leading professionals in this domain and extracted some of the best-kept trade secrets for you!Read on to know how you can get the most traction from your exhibitions by using simple tools like event marquees and exhibition stands effectively.

How to Use Event Marquees, Exhibition Stands and Rollup Banners

1. Plan to Perform

Whether you are in attendance at a trade exhibition or you have set up your own outlet at some shopping district, your display advertising must be planned to perform. What this means is that you need to choose an event marquee which complements the design values of your products. So, if you are a water purifying product seller, then a white marquee works very well. It communicates a sense of purity and that is what you want your customers to believe in.

2. Suit the Setting

When attending a trade show, it is important to not stand out too much. The idea is to be a premier business within your niche. So, the smart thing to do is to scan the competition. If you have attended tradeshows before, then you will know how your rivals are marketing to clients. If you don’t know then simply hire an expert for the exhibition and let them find the right combination of exhibition stands and rollup banners for you.

3. Convert the Interest

All your event marquees, exhibition stands, and roll-up banners are meant to generate interest. But converting that interest is often subject to quality salesmanship. Investing in display advertising tools is wise but you must also get committed, professional and knowledgeable salesperson to convert potential market sales into an actual business. Ideally, this should be under the guidance of a professional and there should be a strong sales script to make the conversion process effective.

Where Can You Find the Best Display Advertising Tools for Your Business?

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Image Source: Flickr / Nigel Lamb