Checklist When Designing Exhibition Stands

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Do you want to create eye-catching exhibition stands? An exhibition stand with a standout design could make a lasting impression to any attendee of a trade show. I’m sure besides getting enough traffic at your exhibition stand the final objective of attending this marketing event is direct the targeted audience to the next action, either avail your product or services.

However, for you to accomplish all these marketing goals the design must make a standout. Below is a detailed checklist of what it takes to for your exhibition stand design to stir any attendee’s divided attention and get the desired result.

1. Design Must Be Goal Oriented

As you proceed with the designing phase of your exhibition stands take time to evaluate first the reason for attending this trade show event. In most cases, you may be driven to achieve certain goals that will boost your image or marketing message.

Whatever you will derive from this analysis use it as inspiration, so that it will be reflected on the final outcome of the design. For example, if you want the attendees to see your business as caring, the design of your exhibition stand must convey this image.

2. Targeted Audience

Ask yourself, “To whom these marketing tools intended?” Whether you plan to use exhibition stands or pull up banners during the trade show event it necessary that you take into consideration your targeted audience. Why? It’s a straightforward answer this marketing paraphernalia must captivate your prospects. Your marketing concept must be geared towards the people’s needs and wants. If not, then, no one will be interested in your offer.

3. Space Does Count

Yes, space is a crucial factor when designing your exhibition stands. Before you even contract the production of your exhibition stand inquire first with the organisers of the trade show event your allocated space. You need to maximise the given space, especially if there are a lot of participants. Remember, your goal is to make an exhibition stand that will rise above other competitors with no obstruction.

4. Text

An eye-catching exhibition stands similar to teardrop flags and pull up banners must have the correct text format. The text font used must be visible even from a distance. Short phrases are better than lengthy sentences. Use of single words like action verbs are considered to be effective in conveying clearly any business’ marketing message.

5. Graphics

Another factor to consider when designing exhibition stands is the image. An expert graphic designer must be present during the designing phase so that your idea is clearly represented with a relevant image or graphic design.

6. Materials Used

The materials used for the creation of your exhibition stands will also give a representation to the image you wish to project. For example, if you are an innovative company, materials such as aluminum, silver or vinyl will deliver an elegant and modern look. However, if you wish to project a traditional look, then, go for fabric materials that have warm tones or wood framework.

In case you need assistance in the design and bulk production of your exhibition stands, pull up banners or teardrop flags, visit the official website of Swift Display Systems and get inspired by their latest designs.

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Image Source: Flickr / Australian Glass & Glazing Association AGGA