Different ways of using Teardrop banners and pull up banners for branding

Branding is a pillar of any business whether new or not, which can be done in different ways. The traditional advertising and branding agencies use both pull up banners and teardrop banners for exhibiting any business.

Pull up banners also called as roll up banners are an important resource to showcase any business. They can also use to give big impacts to any shop or to highlight any information or services. Below are the three different tips of designing an effective Pull up banners:

  1. Try to put your Brand Logo in Top: Use the top of the stand by putting your brand logo. It is important to have your main message at eye level so whether it’s your company slogan or a tagline, put it at the level that is most likely to grab someone’s attention immediately.

  1. Write Left to Right: End consumers have a habit of reading left to right for any content. Fill in all information in left to right writing format. Also remember that most of the information is from sales aspect.

  1. Watch out colors: Try to use updated color which matches the Pull up banner background or base color. It is important to consider the impact of background color of pull up banner in relation to text and image.

And, teardrop banners is originally called as flying banners, this style of banner flag is now very common in retail branding especially.  These types of banners can be used for both outdoor advertisement and indoor trade shows. Below are three different tips for designing an effective Teardrop banners.

  1. Choose Proper Logo Visibility: Due to its non-symmetrical shape we need to be careful in placing the Brand Logo, which should be placed in eye catching position.

  1. Catchy promotional lines: Understand the instructions and the lines in Teardrop banner templates. Try to keep only important information in text and graphics together within red base line of flag because red base line should remove while printing.

  1. Colour Preference: Use CMYK Colours in place of RGB colour codes because RGB is not designed for printing purpose. The main significance of CMYK colour is that we need to use high resolution logos and images for printing.

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