Do You Need Walls For Your Event Marquees?

outdoor Event Marquees

Event marquees are attractive for how they can make any business more visible at a trade show, whether the event is indoors or outdoors. But you’ll also have to notice how well the walls for a marquee can work. That is, you might need to have walls installed on your marquee, although you might not need any walls in some cases.

How Do the Walls Work?

The walls on event marquees are extensions of the roof on the marquee. The wall will cover the length of one side of the square or rectangular-shaped marquee. The material drapes down over the entire height of that side. Some models can include fasteners that will keep the wall surface up when not needed.

Add Extra Protection

Walls may be included on your marquee if you wish to protect the things that appear under the marquee. You can use walls if you want to shield any electronic items from outside conditions.

Meanwhile, the walls may work as barriers between you and other marquees at a trade show. You can use this well if you want to distinguish what you are offering while centralizing your display at the event.

Can They Work With Your Stands?

Your walls for your marquee can work alongside any exhibition stands or other accents that you want to use. The materials used for producing a marquee should be the same as what pull up banners and other display features may be utilized based on build.

But for the best results, you’ll have to make sure the flag banners or whatever else you want to use are easy to distinguish. You might have to use contrasting tones on your pull up banners or other accessory features to make them easy to see against the walls on your marquee.

Don’t overestimate the quality of the walls on an event marquee when getting a big event ready where you are. Talk with Swift Display Systems if you need help with getting your event marquees prepared for future events.