Getting a Lectern or Podium Ready For Exhibition Stands

retail display stands at trade shows

You can add a lectern or podium for any of the exhibition stands that you want to set up at a trade show. You can use the surface for making announcements or for communicating things to others. But you should notice how well one of these features for your trade show displays can work to your liking.

What Works Better?

You can choose from a lectern or podium for your trade show displays, but you’ll make your decision based on what you plan on doing with that surface. A lectern is for when you’re looking to make speeches. A podium could also be used for the same reason, although that surface may work better if you want to display items on top. You could use the podium to display brochures or other bits of documentation that you want to give out at a trade show.

Apply the Right Graphics

A lectern or podium should include the appropriate graphics display for promoting what you’re trying to highlight. You can add graphics of all sorts on your stand, including a display of your company logo. You can have one large logo or several small ones spread out around the body of the spread. You would have to measure the spread to where it can be affixed to the surface and spread around without any gaps or the material possibly coming loose.

Add Some Flags Too

You can add a few accents one of these exhibition stands to complete the look. Some banner stands may be produced on the ends to frame the space. Some teardrop flags may also be added provided they are anchored well and can be easy for people to read from afar.

Trade show displays can be more attractive when you have a lectern or podium for speaking or displaying. Contact Swift Display Systems for help if you need assistance with getting one of these displays ready for use at your space.