How To Create Catchy Flag Banners?

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 Flag banners are among the marketing materials that have been widely used by businesses due to the maximum visibility they provide. But, for your flag banners to be noticeable the design plays an integral part of the success of any business marketing campaign. This is why an expert banner designer should be contracted for this flag banner project. However, if you want to get involved during the design phase here’s a quick guide.

  • Location

Ask yourself this question, “Where do you plan to place your flag banners? Similar to other types of marketing materials like flyers, retail display stands or exhibition stands to decide on the location is as important as the design. Why? Of course, the design including colours of the flag banners must standout regardless where the intended placement.

  • Go for a readable font format

Yes, the size of the font format of your flag banners matters most because they should be readable even at a distance. Remember, your goal when using flag banners is get the attention of every onlooker and having bigger fonts on your marketing message will surely have an impact.

  • Keep the message short and simple

Among the other pointers that you have to implement on your flag banners, design making is the message. As much as possible keep your message short and simple. Remember, your targeted audience may only have a few minutes to fully grasp what you want to convey. A straightforward message with only a few phrases will allow your viewer to read it quickly and remember everything printed on the flag banners.

  • Give relevant information

Depending on what you want to print on your customised flag banners don’t forget to give relevant information. The banner design should improve your branding image and you should always include the right information such as business name, logo or whatever product or service you are currently promoting. Since the size of flag banners are a bit short than exhibition stands and retail display stands, including your business address isn’t required.

  • Pick the right colours

Did you know the chosen colour of your flag banners may affect the emotions of the viewers? Yes, a colour may trigger a different reaction to the audience. Below are some of the recommended colours for banners:

  • Orange

The bright shade of orange is associated to being energetic and friendly. For any business that wishes to get a direct action on the viewer, adding more of this colour might deliver the desired response.

  • Green

Green has always been refreshing to the eyes. Others associate green to the environment or good health. So, if your marketing campaign aims to support the eco-friendly advocacy, then, incorporating green on your flag banners is the best option.

  • Red

The fiery shade of red depicts power, love and excitement. If you wish to add red on your flag banners keep it in moderation because it can be too empowering on the eyes of the onlookers.

The above guide is just intended to give you valuable information for your flag banners design making. However, if you want your flag banners to be catchy talk to the expert designers at Swift Display Systems and let them come up with impressive design ideas.

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