How Well Can Flag Banners Handle Winds?

Flag banner

Flag banners are attractive items to use when you’re aiming to promote your business outdoors. But you have to watch for the wind conditions in a spot that you plan on getting one of these banners on display at.

Supporting Most Standard Winds

The flags you use at retail display stands will support many basic wind conditions. These include conditions where winds can be around 20 to 25 miles per hour. This should be comfortable enough for most basic demands.

The flag works best when secured with a straight and powerful pole. The pole should be rated to handle the same wind conditions. Of course, the predominantly solid body of the pole should make it possible for the flag to stay intact.

What About Intense Conditions?

It is best for you to avoid keeping flag banners outside during some of the most intense conditions. These include tough conditions of 30 miles per hour or greater. Such strong winds might cause your flag banner to wear out and tear up.

Keep a Good Base

A sturdy base is important for helping you to get the most out of your banner. It is through the base that the flag will stay upright and intact when there is wind out in a spot.

You can get a strong base applied to the bottom part of the banner to keep it intact. This should include support for both the flag fabric and the pole that you will attach the flag onto. The design should be strong enough to keep the flag straight and connected well enough.

Flag banners are useful for many needs, but you should be careful when getting a banner ready. Check with Swift Display to see how a banner can be used at any of the retail display stands you wish to set up for your promotional desires.

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