Portable Counter - Rectangular - CR

Tension Fabric Counters

Product Description

Tension fabric counters create high impact using stretch fabric and strong yet extremely lightweight framework.
Quick and easy to assemble with simple push button framework with no tools required.
Simply construct the counter frame, pull on the fabric ‘sock’, zip it up and you have a great looking counter in
only a few minutes.
Perfect for any interior display and available in a wide range of complimentary frames.
Suitable for exhibitions, events, conferences, showrooms, reception areas and retail.

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 140 x 430 x 630 mm
RetangularAustralianRectangulartableholroyd cityRectangulartablecowra wineRectangulartableMLCRectangulartable
rectangular 650 x 400 x 900 mm $412