Tear Drop Flag - Small - 970mm x 1940mm - TF-194

Teardrop Flag Banners - Hillsong Sample

Product Description

Teardrop Flags get their name from their unique teardrop shape and work well with or without the wind. When there is a breeze the Teardrop Flag spins with the wind to create an eye catching display. On a clam day or indoors the Teardrop Flag always effectively displays your logo and message.

Teardrop Flags are a perfect medium for promoting major events, car sale yards, open homes and big festivals or shows.
Teardrop Flags are durable and printed on a dye sublimation printer, for the harsh Australian conditions weathering the strong UV rays and the wet season.

Price includes Flags Poles, Stake/Spike and Carry Bag

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 240 x 1100 x 120 mm
Flag AccessoriesTeardrop Illustration
small-single 970 x 1940 mm $129
small-double 970 x 1940 mm $169