Pull Up Banners For Event Marquees Can Include Double-Sided Designs

pull up banner stands

Most of the pull up banners you can find for use inside an event marquee or other display spot are one-sided. You would have the display features on one side while the other side is a blank surface you can use for securing the banner.

But today you can find two-sided banners. These special banners for event marquees and other sites can be useful if you plan on putting a banner in the middle of a marquee or other display area.

A Thicker Body

The design of a two-sided banner will add a brilliant look for your use. A two-sided layout will include a thicker body that supports the added material and ink needed for creating a detailed layout. The surface should be opaque enough to where the two sides do not bleed into one another.

Can You Use Different Things?

You can use different prints for each side on one of these banners if you wish. You can add different messages or colours on each part if you wish.

This works well if your banner will feature arrows or other directional messages on it. You can use different directions for each side of the banner, thus keeping people from being confused as to where they can go inside an event marquee or other display site.

Great Anchors

The anchors used for two-sided pull up banners are designed to go on the sides of a banner. The anchors will be placed evenly with a series of solid poles used to keep the banner up.

Some banners may come with ceiling anchors to keep the banner secured upright. But this only works when you’re in event marquees with small ceilings or spaces.

Look for two-sided pull up banners when you’re looking to produce an outstanding layout for your marquee needs. Talk with Swift Display if you need further help with getting the most out of such a display feature.

Image Source: Collision Conf / Flickr