Rollup Banners vs Teardrop Flags: Which One Suits better for Your Needs?

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Display advertising has many tools that can help you make your business stand out anywhere. At Swift Display, we have exhibition stands, flag banners and numerous other kinds of displays to promote almost any business. Naturally, some retailers prefer using certain types of display advertising tools over others.

Some of these tools can be used in place of each other with some modifications, and it is important to know advantages each of these displays offers. Rollup banners and teardrop flags are used interchangeably by many retail store owners. They each have something unique to offer. Let’s look at their unique value and how you can use it to your benefit.


3 Major Differences between Rollup Banners and Teardrop Flags


Print Display Surface


Rollup banners are well known for their decent visual display space and long term viability. As such, they are better suited for larger more complex designs. On the other hand, teardrop flags have a relatively smaller print surface area. But they are also used in numbers. So, you can advertise more efficiently by using many of them and having different prints on each.



Rollup banners can either take up a fair amount of space or not any at all. It depends on how you position them. For example, rollup banners can be hung from walls, put on stands and even rolled down from ceilings. On the other hand, teardrop banners can only be displayed upright. However, since they take up very little actual space, they can be used in multiple places.


Ideal Location


Both rollup banners and teardrop flags can be used inside or outside a store. When used outside, rollup banners will obviously need a stand. Both of these displays are prone to high wind. So, it is wise to invest in wind resistant stands which can ensure wind velocities up to a certain speed. In addition, rollup banners can also be hung from the exterior wall surface. If the store has a facade, then it can sport the banners as well.


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