Teardrop Flags Should Include a Sensible Design

Teardrop Flag Banners - Hillsong Sample
Tear Drop Flag – Small – 970mm x 1940mm – TF-194

The unique shapes of teardrop flags make them immediately noticeable in many places. You have to look at how well the features on your flag will be designed so your setup will look its best.

Keep the Logo At the Wide Spot

You can use your corporate logo around the widest spot of your flag. For most teardrop flags, the widest area should be at the top. This is the spot that will be the most noticeable, so it should offer a good surface for your use.

Add Text Vertically

Vertical text can be helpful for your display needs. This should entail the letters stacked on top of one another, although they could be on their sides if desired. The letters should be visible enough for people at one of your exhibition stands to see what you are offering.

Prepare Special Accents

Some accents can be added onto one of these flags. You can add accents like small lights on the ends or reflecting features that make these spots on exhibition stands easier to find. Some small tassels or streamers may also be added, although these would work better if you know there will be slight amounts of wind where your flags are to be placed at.

How Many Colours?

You don’t have to get lots of colours on your teardrop flag, but it does help to watch for how they are divided. You can get one colour added to the top while a second one is on the lower half. The design should be comfortable enough to add a special design that adds a nice tone.

Check on how well the teardrop flags you will use for your exhibition stand will be planned out. Swift Display can help you with planning a flag in one of many sizes. You can talk with Swift Display for help with getting a design ready.

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