The Largest Banner Stands Are Ideal For Conferences

pull up banners

Have you noticed after a football or rugby match that players and coaches may talk to reporters in front of a large display showing the logos of several corporate sponsors? These rollup banners work for promotional needs and to help raise money, although you can use these large banner stands for your use as well.

In particular, the largest banner stands like what you’d see at these matches can be used for conferences. You could have a stand that hangs on the back of your trade show display or event marquee. The stand can display several small copies of your company’s logo or the identifying mark of an event you are holding. You can also use alternating effects to have multiple logos or marks on the same surface.

The large banner stand you use at your event marquee or other space can add a nice style, but you’ll have to look at how your marquee is planned out with this in mind. There are a few things to note when finding helpful stands for this intention:

  • Look at how well you can maintain one of these banners. Some rollup banners are available in large sizes, but they require flexible materials that will not crumple or otherwise break apart.


  • You might add some retail display stands alongside your banner stand. These may be included on the sides of the stand as anchors or accents. These stands could also include prototypes of what you are promoting or maybe some informative literature surrounding what you have to highlight.


  • The general size of what you have to offer should be noted as well. You can find some stands up to 3000 by 2250mm in size. A larger size would help for a more substantial display.


Whatever you choose, you’ll find that large banner stands can work well for conferences. You can use these stands even if you don’t have an athletic club to promote. You can contact Swift Display Systems for more information on how such stands may work for your display desires.