Top 5 Venues Where You Can Position Rollup Banners

Roll up banner stands

The success of your marketing campaign is dependent on various factors such as marketing tool, proper positioning and target audience. If one factor is missing the outcome may not produce the desired result. In case your marketing team has decided to use rollup banners for upcoming marketing events, here are the top 5 venues where you can best position them.

1. Entrance way of a business

Most rollup banners height can go up to 2 meters in height. With such towering height it would be more appropriate for any business to place it at the entranceway. Why? People coming in will have the opportunity to have a quick glimpse even from a distance. Similar to exhibition stands the rollup banners can be used during the launch of a new business, promotion of a new product or service, tradeshows and special occasions.

2. Inside the entrance door

Once you managed to attract prospective customers to enter your business’ premise the next place where you can position the rollup banners is the entrance door leading to space where your products or services are available. When choosing the design for your rollup banners inside the entrance door go for simplicity. Remember, you don’t want your prospective customers to feel irritated with your marketing slogan. If possible use short and clear marketing message without being too pushy.

3. End of a long hallway

If your business structure layout has a long hallway like a hotel where you wish to lead targeted customers to a particular section like the bar, confectionary, restaurant or spa, then, better place these banners at the end of a long hallway or corridor.  The ideal design is vibrant graphics that can be visually appealing from a distance and motivate the passerby to give it a closer look. However, if you need to place them at small space the use of proper lighting is crucial to highlight the printed message of your banners.

4. Near the promoted products

Another ideal venue where your rollup banners may influence the targeted audience is near the promoted products. For example, if you have just launched a new product or service placing a rollup banner near this promoted product may convince the audience to read it and give him or her that much-needed confidence to buy or avail it.

5. Waiting areas

The last venue where you can effectively position custom made rollup banners are waiting areas such as the lobby, checkout counter or near a lift that people need to wait. Before placing these banners assess the duration of the waiting period. If that particular spot has a good number of people waiting for at least 10 minutes or more, then, come up with an impressive design for your rollup banners. If the waiting time is around 30 seconds the recommended design for a rollup banner is shorter text.

The above are just some of the hot-spot areas where rollup banners, exhibition stands and other promotional campaign displays. If you want to know more the various promotional materials including custom-made event marquees that your business will benefit contact Swift Display Systems.

Image Source: Flickr / Nigel Lamb