Uses Of Event Marquees You Need To Know

Event Marquees

Event marquees are generally used for special gatherings like weddings, birthday parties and leisure activities. Apart from that these temporary built-in structures have other applications in industries. Why? The distinct features of marquees such as quick installation, flexible and provide protection to all types of weather make them a perfect solution for temporary accommodation or sheltering. If you haven’t got a clue on these other uses, here’s a list for your convenience.

1. Event Marquees as temporary shelter for construction workers

Yes, event marquees also function as a temporary shelter in the construction industry while men at working at a construction site. With the use of marquees, workers can continue working despite a bad weather disturbance such as rain or strong wind.

2. Event Marquees as an alternative workspace during renovation

Another use of event marquees is as an alternative working environment due to a renovation. Among the businesses that can benefit from the installation of temporary office space are retail shops, offices and other businesses undergoing renovation or have upcoming sales.

For example, a big shoe retail shop with an upcoming sale can set-up a temporary shop with the application of marquees to accommodate a large crowd. This temporary shelter for your business can be as effective as the use of banner stands or teardrop flags in your goal to improve your image among customers.

3. Event Marquees for seasonal events

The summer months for kids on school break mean having fun or learning new hobbies. Business owners running recreational venues or specialty stores for hobbyists may benefit from the quick installation of event marquees as an extension of their services.

Here, children interested in learning new hobbies like arts and crafts can enroll in summer programs. Event marquees come in a variety of sizes to match every business owner’s needs and space requirement. So, if you will be needing one in the near future rest assured you will find the perfect size for your upcoming event or gathering outside its leisure use.

4. Event Marquees for the warehousing industry

Another industry that will find marquees useful are warehousing facilities. These marquees can serve as temporary storage space or additional working station as the need arise. Event marquees can also serve as division of work to allow workers to focus. For example, workers assigned to do administrative support can work without distraction from the noise created by the production team in a warehousing facility with a custom-made medium size marquee.

5. Event Marquees during emergencies

Disasters may strike anytime without any warning. Severe flooding in an area, bushfires or unpredicted emergency may need temporary sheltering or protective covering against external elements found in the environment. Event marquees easy set-up feature make them a suitable temporary shelter for people needing immediate sheltering.

These above uses are just of the multi-functions of event marquees. If you have a business and will have to occasionally use marquees including marketing materials like teardrop flags or banner stands contact now a representative at Swift Display Systems and learn more about customisation and pricing.

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