What Design Will You Choose For Your Flag Banners?

flag banners trade show display

You have many design options to consider when finding the best flag banners for your retail display needs. You can find various banners in unique shapes that will make your retail display stands pop out from the rest of the space.

Angled Flags

An angled flag will produce a more attractive appearance. The organization will feature a slanted spot on the bottom while the top features a slight curve. The design will include three sides on the flag with two of the sides coming in straight lines. The slant on the bottom is one of those straight lines.

Block Flags

Many retail display stands can benefit from block flags that feature perfect rectangular styles. A block flag is best if you want to add more text to your flag banner or if you want something with a basic arrangement.

Bow Flags

A bow flag is like an angled flag, but this one features no slanted spots on the bottom. Think of the bow flag like half of an old window surface, what with the top having a unique curve.

Tear Drop Flags

The tear drop flag is interesting among flag banners for offering only one straight line. The design features a tear-shaped layout that features a longer curve at the top part. Specialized banner stands are necessary for these flags due to the distinct curve that will come about at the top part.

What About Other Choices?

You can use some other types of retail display stands to your benefit as well. A feather flag will include a curved part at the bottom, while a wind flag would feature a curvy parallelogram shape.

Don’t forget about flags that have tassels or other accents on their ends or sides. These might add an extra visual flourish, although your banner stands would have to be capable of supporting these materials.

Flag banners are useful for promotional needs, but you should see how well any banners you want to use can lay out right for your efforts. Contact Swift Display Systems if you need extra help with getting a new model installed for your next promo event.