What You Need To Know Before Using Teardrop Flags For Any Promotional Campaign?

Teardrop Flag Banners - Hillsong Sample
Tear Drop Flag – Small – 970mm x 1940mm – TF-194

Promotional campaign materials are important in any business regardless it is product or service related. In fact, start-ups including top performing companies allocate a certain budget for marketing alone to ensure the right marketing message is brought to their targeted customers.

One of the well-sought type of promotional campaign materials is the business flag sign. For anyone new in the marketing arena and haven’t heard of the business sign flag this particular promotional material can be found anywhere such as trade fair, auto dealership shops, sports events including recreational venues. The business sign flag comes in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.

The most common business flag signs are teardrop flags, feather flags and national style flags. In case you don’t know which among these flag signs would be appropriate for your business, here’s everything you need to know.

Common types of business sign flags


  • Teardrop flags

Aside from the exhibition stands that you see during promotional campaigns the teardrop flags are the most widely used because they are very versatile. These teardrop flags can be used for any event, both for indoor and outdoor. The material made of teardrop flags are proven to be durable and can withstand even a windy weather. However, the availability of designs to choose with teardrop flags is restricted due to its shape. If you prefer using them for your upcoming promotional campaign go for simplicity.

  • Feather flags

Another type of business flag sign is the feather style flag or commonly referred to as “Bali flag”. These promotional campaign materials come in various sizes with the tallest approximately 5 meters. The material used for feather flags is top quality polyester fabric wherein your design can be printed on both sides.

  • National style flags

These business sign flags are referred to as National Style flags or block flags due to their rectangular shapes. Similar to teardrop flags and feather flags they are considered as effective promotional campaign materials, especially for outdoor events. The unique feature of this type of business flag sign is it can be easily attached to a flagpole stand and extended to greater heights for maximum visibility.

Advantages of teardrop flags


  • Weatherproof feature

Yes, these promotional campaign materials are weather proof because they can withstand a windy or rainy weather condition. The materials used are water resistant, making them suitable for outdoor events.

  • Variety of sizes and designs

Any picky client will never run out of ideas when it comes to design and sizes. You have the freedom to print whatever marketing message or logo that will best represent your business.

  • Affordable

When it comes to prices the teardrops flags are less costly than other promotional campaign materials. So, if you are in a start-up company and wish to create a buzz in a marketing event the teardrop flags would surely capture every onlooker’s attention.

If you have questions about the different type of promotional campaign materials ideal for your business, go and visit the website of Swift Display Systems a reputable supplier of top quality and custom-made business flags signs, exhibition stands including trade show display banners.  Discover what will work best for your business, talk now with their representative.

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