When Should You Consider Revamping Your Existing Trade Show Displays and Stands?

trade show displays

Setting up a booth or stall in exhibitions and trade shows will seldom be easy. At the outset, you will need to have sufficient space to present your wares and communicate your brand message. In addition, you will need to design your stall in a manner that distinguishes it from the dozens of others in the vicinity. More importantly, you will need to ensure that your stall stands out from the competition nearby. Ideally, your trade show booth or stall will need to be simple yet eye-catching.

Only then will you be able to attract visitors in droves to your stall. However, many commercial establishments make the mistake of opting for tried-and-tested stalls in all the trade shows and exhibitions that they participate in. As a result, their stalls and booths often end up looking dated and jaded. Many visitors will simply walk past these stalls believing that these commercial entities have nothing new to offer. So, if you plan to use your existing arrangement for an upcoming trade show, consider rethinking your strategy. Infusing a novel approach into the design or arrangement of your stall could have a beneficial effect on your business.


Consider revamping the layout or arrangement of your trade fair display if:


  • Your Stall Has Looked the Same for Many Years: A booth or stall that looks the same as it did some years ago will never look fresh. Thus, it will always remain a poor second to stalls that exude more contemporary or modern looks. As a business owner, you will not want to turn off your prospective visitors by listing the same message. So, consider changing the layout of the stall. Display current graphics and other details in the booth. And, offer a fresh message to your target audience.


  • Your Booth Does Not Utilise the Latest Event Display Products: Marketing strategies continue to evolve with the passage of time. So too, do event display products. Using display products that you used in the past few years could give your stall a dated look. Infuse novelty into your stall by using the latest retail display stands and banners. Also, ensure that the images you use in your displays remain relevant and fresh.


  • You Want to Highlight New Products or Services: Business owners typically use trade shows and exhibitions to draw attention to their new offerings. Doing so enables them to gauge the impact of their offerings on a smaller audience prior to making these products or services available to the general public. Use banners and banner stands to draw visitors’ attention to your latest products and services.


  • Your Booth Seems Too Small, Has Inefficient Traffic Flows or Doesn’t Attract Customers: If most of the trade show visitors seem to be passing by your stall, you might want to revamp its look or arrangement. To ascertain the changes needed, review the competition. Check out the features that make people visit those stalls and incorporate some of the changes into your own booth. Similarly, crowded stalls could deter visitors from entering your stall. Stalls with inefficient traffic flows could make your visitors bump into each other while going through your offerings. Altering the layout and design could be beneficial in such situations.

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